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General skills for project management are used in a construction project manager role. This include: Planning and Time Management – to ensure that projects are completed within set time-frames. Resource Management – ensuring that equipment is available throughout the building project– register with us now!

Who is this course for? Students can start and manage their own construction contracting business. In addition, the qualifying learner will demonstrate competence in areas of specialization. The qualified learner can competently fulfil small construction contracts safely and in a professional manner, to ensure that industry standards are maintained.

This qualification has been developed to assist with standardization across the building industry. This will allow persons to register as a Construction Contractor and lay a foundation for future career advancement across similar SMME programmes in other sectors as well as to supervisory and management qualifications within the construction sector.

Embedded Knowledge? 

  • Manage payment processing and conduct business in an ethical, professional manner.
  • Identify business ideas, eliminate inappropriate business ideas and select viable business ideas.
  • Understand the external construction environment; identify the structures within the Construction Industry, the business Principles and Processes, and the Educational and Life Skills Principles needed for the Industry.
  • Establish and manage a construction contracting business; understand and apply Business Principles, market contracting services, and apply Industrial Relations procedures.
  • Apply Construction Contract documents, apply the legal aspects of disputes, and apply tender and construction drawings.
  • Procure, prepare, and submit a tender for a construction project.
  • Comply with the legal requirements of a construction contract.
  • Apply basic health and safety legislation in the form of standards and procedures governing OHS.
  • Manage labour, plant and equipment, and materials resources on a construction project.
  • Plan and program, coordinate project activities and implement costing and reporting procedures on a construction project.

Duration: The course will be completed in 8 Weeks, 5 days a week, 5 notional hours per class. Our curriculum consists of 30% theory and 70% practical training. When: Refer to the office for part-time and RPL schedule

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