Deepeg provides Work Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) compilation services for corporates clients to apply for SETA mandatory grants and funding. We would like to contribute towards investing in providing accredited training to your employees without a cost.

Furthermore, in return our clients will benefit the more tax rebate and BBBEE scoring points, including more funding for skills training and development of their employees or CSI annually.


This service ensures that skills gaps are identified in order   to optimize workforce productivity and identify the exact skills needs.


Planning of skills development is vital to comply with important legislative imperatives as well as ensure training budgets are set for the year.

Submission of annual WSP/ATR reports necessary for application of both mandatory (SDL act.) and discretionary funding as well as ensuring compliance with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.


The Employment Equity Act is an important piece of legislation that addresses the transformation needs of the country. Compliance to this legislation is complex and requires setting up of committees, extensive employee engagement, training, and collation of documentation.


We provide consultation on the Skills Development Levy Act, Employment Equity Act and B-BBEE Act which are important legislations for businesses to comply. Our consultation will ensure that all acts are integrated, and the proposed initiatives are both fit-for-purpose and fulfil the intended purpose.

We provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues including legislation related to the Skills Development Strategy


We often work in collaborative partnerships that are mutually beneficial, where we extend operations of the partners to our clients where relevant and in turn our services to are positioned from a value add to their clients where efficiencies as harnessed. MOU’s fused with NDA’s govern our relationships in this regard.

Opportunities include, extension of the Human Resources functions, in specific the Skills aspect which unfolds to;

  • Measure work performance, improve productivity for our clients,
  • Develop and improve their employees’ skills and reskilling where appropriate
  • Initiate and align fit for purpose training initiatives.

This is done by looking at the following elements:

  • Review of job specification and descriptions
  • Implementations of performance management systems
  • Alignment of required skills matrix
  • Drawing up of skills audits and thus identifying skills gaps
  • Identifying appropriate skills training initiatives to close gaps
  • Appointing training providers for executing the training
  • Project management of the process, monitoring and communicating outcomes and improvements to clients.
  • Maximizing beneficiation of legislative rewards for client
  • Policy drafts and reviews

Who qualifies for submission?

Who must submit WSP and ATR? All employers who pay more than R500,000 per year in salaries must be registered to pay Skills Development Levies (SDL) with SARS, thereafter they submit annual WSPs and ATRs. If they do and fulfill all the requirements, they will get back 20% of the SDL from all their paid levy during the year. The submission open window is from February to April (Annually).

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